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Can you pass the points test for an Australian work visa?

20/10/2022BY Migrate 2 Oz

Can you pass the points test for an Australian work visa?

Like the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, Australia too uses a points-based immigration system.

To be invited to apply for an Australian work visa, you must score a minimum of 65 points on the Australian skilled points test. For every requirement you meet, points are awarded.

The points test weighs factors such as your age, work experience, English language proficiency and your partner’s credentials, if applicable.

Which visas fall under the points-based system?

To be eligible for any of these visas, you must have a career that features in Australia’s skilled occupation list

Here’s how many points you can score for each criteria ..

Work Experience

You get points based on how many years of relevant experience you have in your nominated field – whether they be inside or outside of Australia.

Work experience outside of Australia

Work Experience Towards Australian Visa

Work experience inside of Australia

Work Experience Towards Australian Visa

Education level

Skilled Visa Australia

You get an additional 5 points if you completed a degree, diploma, or trade qualification from an Australian education institution. This also requires you to have studied at an Australian institution for at least two academic years.

English Proficiency

The points awarded for each level of English are:

Work Experience Towards Australian Visa

Age Factor

You have to be under the age of 45 to be eligible for skills-based visas.

Your Partner

If you are single or your partner is an Australian permanent resident or citizen, you get 10 points.

If they aren’t they must meet the following criteria for 10 points

  • Be under the age of 45
  • Have at least competent English
  • Nominated in a skilled occupation that is on the same skilled occupation list as your nominated skilled occupation

In closing

In order to determine which visa program may be available to you depending on your occupation, we recommend that you take our free online visa assessment. This is a critical and fundamental component of applying successfully for the best possible visa.