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A few words from happy clients...

As a client-centric company, Migrate 2 Oz strives to offer each and every client the level of service excellence that they have come to expect from a migration agent. Time and time again, our customers attest to our quality workmanship, expert guidance and service capabilities to help them migrate to Australia successfully. Below are some comments provided by clients who have dealt with Migrate 2 Oz and who sucessfully obtained a temporary or permanent visa for migration to Australia. We will gladly pass on these clients contact details should you wish to contact them for further information.

The van den Berg Family
Dear Reuven and Jessica,

I am writing my letter to express my kindest gratitude towards you for conducting our VISA application with the utmost professionalism. From the start, Reuven gave me the correct advice.

Every time I phoned all the staff at Migrate 2 Oz were super helpful during the whole process. Jessica’s calm and friendly demeanor smoothed over any concerns that I raised. Reuven gave me a nudge when I lost focus for a few months.

Thank you for lending us a truly helpful hand. I can highly recommend your professional service to anyone who is interested.

A warm and heartfelt thank you from the whole van den Berg family!

Our kindest regards,
The van den Berg Family
22 May 2019
The Schoombie Family
Dear Ray, Reuven, Monica, Jessica,

March 2015 was our first contact with your company and at that initial stage I was as ready as ever to start our migration process but my wife did not share my passion, so our journey with Migrate20z did not seem one that would become a reality, 10 months later I had my wife convinced the move to AUS will be the best move for our family.

During the following 2 weeks of our lives I tried endlessly to make contact with Migrate2Oz but with no success..... We started looking around for a new migration agent for a day or three and for all the right reasons we did not find an agent in time. The next moment my phone rang with a number that I was not familiar with. Answered the phone and there was Raymond Weltenhagen from Migrate2Oz, following up on a saved reminder set on his computer to call me in January 2016 to see If I managed to get my wife on-board..... now is that a relationship that was meant to be or not???? Raymond confirmed during the time that I tried endlessly to reach Migrate2Oz's office their Telkom land lines were stolen hence the challenge for anyone to get hold of them...

The saved reminder to call us back in January 2016 we see as a true blessing in disguise.... Thank you Raymond...

Our Journey started there with the most amazing professional team of individuals the migration industry could ever present.... Reuven - your well oiled team at Migrate2Oz always had the time to listen and in our case more than often, they had to listen even more, because we were asking crazy questions on a regular basis.

Not once did we get any negative vibes or atmosphere but rather calming and assuring feedback that all is well on track "we just need to follow the system"

Some days were as crazy as they could get and we would be stressing about specific results or feedback and time and again the amazing Monica would answer the call and do what she does best...

Reuven - we regret not one second spend with your team and your company, professionally and with integrity your team handled our case and dragged us through the toughest of times to this date that felt like an eternity - the grant of our PR 189 Skilled Visa.

THANK YOU Migrate2OZ, YOU GUYS ARE 2nd TO NONE........

Schoombie Family
16 May 2019
Dear Reuven, Jess and Co,

All I can say right now is I am extremely happy!!

Dreams do come true... sometimes!

A very big thank you, it has been a pleasure.

Man, I have to go now and tell my sister!!

Thanks again, all!

Yours Sincerely,
13 May 2019
Kobus and Janita
To, Reuven, Jessica, Monica and the rest of the wonderful team at Migrate 2 Oz,

Thank you for your assistance in making our dream come true. Your patience and hard work are highly appreciated.

We will be spreading the word on your excellence wherever we go.

We can highly recommend your work; every email has been answered promptly and thoroughly. Even our time frames worked out as estimated, being a total of 10 month from the initial payment up until the visa grant.

We received our Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa on 25 March 2019.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kobus and Janita
26 March 2019
Dearest Reuven and Jessica,

I cannot thank the two of you enough.

We began this incredible journey two years ago and your support, patience and understanding has been unwavering throughout.

I had spoken to several people who were taken for large sums of money. Promises were made and not kept. People took advantage of their situation and desperation to immigrate.

I was referred to you by family whom you had assisted. I most certainly have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I possibly can.

Your level of professionalism and the organized manner in which you deal with the process is exceptional. Your calm and methodical method is mirrored by your exceptional team.

Jessica is an angel. A perfectionist. I cannot thank her enough.

It took you 6 months from the date I submitted all of my documents to have my PR status approved. An incredible feat!

I have no complaints or suggestions for the betterment of your company. I have only compliments and gratitude for a job meticulously and perfectly done.

Kind Regards,
13 March 2019
The Baker Family
My word...

I never thought this day would come - and then the day arrived and I still cannot believe it!

I can never thank you all enough for the amazing work you did to help us along this long and draining journey. We are so entirely blessed to have worked with people like you and Reuven!

Thank you for all your hard work and patience. We cannot put into words how excited we are to start our journey in Australia!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We owe you the world and more!

The Baker Family
18 February 2019
The Spies Family
Hi Migrate2Oz team,

Just wanted to thank the team at Migrate2Oz, Reuven, Jessica,Ray and Monica for helping us to get to this point!! Thanks for all your advice and for taking the constant phone calls, your patience (Reuven especially) even when it wasn't all sunshine and roses 🙂 Your advice was always sound, I now see why you are the best in your field as we would never had received the invite or VISA had we attempted this application on our own. I have referred and will continue to refer clients to Migrate2Oz as your level of service and expertise surpassed all our expectations. We will be in touch soon to arrange flights and medical aid( your help would be greatly appreciated), and maybe discuss one or two things that we are still unsure of.

Once again thank you for all your help

Chat soon,
The Spies Family
17 August 2017
David, Vanessa, Jude & Camden
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that we have settled well here in Canberra and are very happy. We both found jobs easily and life is so different to South Africa (as you can imagine). Our youngest is in day care and eldest is at pre-school. We have also just bought a house.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and reassurance along the way. In hindsight the whole process ran really professionally, smoothly and you made it simple and straightforward. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to make the move.

We greatly appreciate all the effort.

Many thanks,
David, Vanessa, Jude & Camden
14 June 2017
Dear Mr. Abeshouse,

I am writing this letter to express thanks regarding your services in obtaining family’s Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) visa.

Your team and yourself displayed professional and service excellence throughout this entire process. Migrate2Oz are distinguishable in your knowledge regarding immigration aspects and made this process seamless and stress less as possible. It was truly a pleasurable experience in the support you rendered.

Thank you to yourself Reuven Abeshouse, Jessica Onions, Jackie van Loggerenberg and Monica Robinson for your excellent service and your support in making my family’s dreams come true. All good beginnings will surely deliver a happy and exciting new start to a new life abroad.

I highly recommend your services to any future clients, for me it was money well spent!

All the best and success going forward. Will surely be in touch in future.

Yours truly,
20 March 2017
Dear Jessica, Reuven and team,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for all you have done for us with regards to our immigration to Australia. Thank you for the professionalism, diligence and general level of involvement and service we received from you.

This would not have been possible without your assistance, especially with all the paperwork and certification required and the skills assessment part, which just seemed like an impossible feat.

My family and I are looking forward to our new life and we will refer people to you with pleasure.

16 March 2017
Migrate to Oz,

I would like to make us of this opportunity to formally commend Migrate to Oz for the outstanding service they provided to me and my wife in the process of obtaining our Australian State-Nominated Visas. The quality of service their entire team extended to us was far beyond our expectations.

Initially, when we set out with our endeavour of migrating to Australia, the route looked rather daunting and seemingly impossible at times. Fortunately we came across Migrate to Oz company after a friend recommended we consider acquiring professional help. After a brief discussion with Reuven Abeshouse and a preliminary feasibility assessment, we were given the assurance that, together with their expert knowledge of the industry, we would be able to achieve all our objectives in as short a time as possible.

What we appreciated the most from the level of service provided were their intimate involvement and honest suggestions. It did not matter who I made contact with at the Migrate to Oz office, that person immediately knew who I was and what our current application status was. On numerous occasions their extremely competent staff also guided us away from various pitfalls and unnecessary expenses, even at the cost of their own professional fees. These experiences contributed significantly to the lovely thought that my wife and I were not just another case on somebody’s desk, but that were actually valued clients and that our interests were put first.

In closing, I believe that Reuven Abeshouse and his team truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support well beyond our expectations with our Visa applications. Migrate to Oz surely gained our complete trust and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone interested in migrating to Australia.

13 February 2017
Dear Reuven/Ray,

This mail serves as my commendation for the astounding service received for my PR 189 visa application process.

I would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to the entire Migrate2Oz team (especially Ms Jessica Onions) for an experience that was nothing short of professional, speedy and pleasant. Your service has definite met and exceeded all of my expectations from the start of my application, to receiving my visa, which took an incredible 4 months.

I chose Migrate2Oz based on recommendations of colleagues and friends who have already migrated successfully to Australia using your services, and I highly recommend Migrate2Oz to all those who are ready to migrate.

Kind regards,
4 February 2017
Dear Migrate2Oz

Our experience with Migrate2Oz was great. Ray gave us great advice and so much information about the whole process from the first time we met with him until we got the great news that our visas were granted.

Ray, Reuven and their whole team were very helpful and they informed us of everything we needed to do & all the documents we needed to submit to make the process as efficient and quick as possible. They also kept us in the loop about the progress of our visas throughout the process so we never had to wonder or ask what was going on.

Thanks so much for making our visa application, which really could’ve been an admin nightmare, such a smooth and easy process. I highly recommend Migrate2Oz to anyone who wants to apply for their Australian visa.

Kind regards,
11 January 2017
Nick & Kelly
Dear Migrate2Oz

As we are about to embark on our journey to Australia, we would like to take a moment to thank Migrate2Oz.

From the very first email, Reuven has helped to turn the very daunting idea of applying for out 189 Visa to Australia into a relatively easy to achieve goal. He has provided us with guidance every step of the way, and the process has moved along seamlessly, and much faster than we ever anticipated.

Not only has Migrate2Oz been very efficient and professional in the handling of our visa application, they have been compassionate and taken our individual set of circumstances into account.

We have and will continue to highly recommend Migrate2Oz to anyone considering immigration.

Kind regards,
Nick & Kelly
10 January 2017
Dear Reuven, Monica, Jessica and Team

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the entire team at Migrate2Oz who handled our Skilled Independent Visa Application.

To Monica Robinson and Jessica Onions; a special thank you for your friendly assistance with the administration of the documentation which literally covered 100’s of pages, all of which were reviewed in detail before submittals were made. Your prompt response to emails, general feedback and friendly assistance was greatly appreciated and played a major role in the success of our application.

To Reuven Abeshouse; thank you for your expert guidance, candor and professionalism. I appreciated the structured approach in which you clearly outlined the process steps from the onset, followed by the goal focused interaction and continual feedback as the process progressed. Thank you for the huge effort by yourself and your exceptional team.

I highly recommend Migrate2Oz for those wishing to immigrate to Australia. The decision to immigrate is tough and the process that follows is no different, it was therefore very important for us to seek the services of a reputable agency that would handle our Visa application process. The service received from Migrate2Oz was highly professional and efficient and gave us the much needed, “peace of mind”.

Before joining up with the team at Migrate2Oz, we had initially contemplated completing the Visa application without the assistance of an agent. Later on, this decision became a crucial one because during our application process we encountered a few “speed bumps” which could have easily derailed a successful outcome had I opted to complete the application by myself. Migrate2Oz assisted me tirelessly in their efforts to find solutions to each challenge by focusing on the solution rather than the problem.

We have subsequently referred family members, friends and colleagues to Migrate2Oz.

Kind regards,
6 January 2017