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Send Money To Australia

For individuals who want to live and work in Australia, the process of getting a visa is daunting enough as it is. Once your application has been approved, you’re faced with the challenge of getting your finances over to Australia. Migrate 2 Oz offers the value-added service of helping successful applicants set up a bank account in Australia and getting their money across to help them start their new life in their new country.

Transfer Funds To Australia

Migrate 2 Oz is proud to offer our clients foreign exchange services in collabortaion with reputable associates. Through our associates, we are able to provide clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution – saving the time and hassle of dealing with your bank, standing in queues and struggles through the process of moving money.

If you wish to require more information regarding property investment, please contact us or if you would like to send money to Australia, then you can complete the application form below.

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