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Understanding Your Rights and Our Responsibilities

At Migrate 2 Oz, we take pride in being your trusted migration partner, dedicated to assisting you on your journey to Australia. As registered migration agents, we are committed to upholding the highest professional standards and adhering to the strict Code of Conduct established by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Our Commitment to Professionalism

As registered migration agents, we are held to rigorous professional standards, ensuring that you receive the best possible guidance throughout your migration process. Each of our Registered Migration Agents is assigned a unique Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN), which is a testament to our expertise and commitment to your success.

You can verify the registration status of our principal migration agents, Raymond Welthagen and Reuven Abeshouse, on the OMARA website here

MARA Code of Conduct

We follow the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents meticulously. This code outlines our obligations and responsibilities to you, our valued clients. Our commitment under the code includes:

  • Providing honest assessments of your visa prospects.
  • Offering accurate advice and keeping you informed about your application’s progress.
  • Acting in your best interests, within the boundaries of the law, and safeguarding your privacy.
  • Transparently disclosing any conflicts of interest and taking appropriate measures.
  • Furnishing you with a detailed statement before initiating our services, outlining estimated fees and associated costs.
  • Safeguarding any advance payments in a separate bank account.
  • Issuing clear and comprehensive invoices for services rendered.
  • Maintaining meticulous records of your application’s processing.

You can review the full Code of Conduct on the OMARA website here.

The Consumer Guide

At Migrate 2 Oz, we believe in empowering our clients with information. We provide you with the Consumer Guide, a valuable resource that explains your rights and responsibilities during the migration process. You can access the Consumer Guide here.

Our commitment to professionalism, ethical conduct, and transparency is unwavering. We are dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of the Australian migration system seamlessly with expertise.

Choose Migrate 2 Oz as your trusted migration partner. We’re committed to upholding the highest standards, providing honest guidance, and empowering you with knowledge. Let’s make your Australian dream a reality together. Contact us today to start your migration journey. Begin by completing our free online visa assessment to assess your eligibility and chances of success.

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