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Australian Immigration Specialists

Migrate 2 Oz is a leading Australian immigration specialist and visa consultancy agency that offers professional advice and services for all parts of the process of moving to Australia or staying there temporarily. When it comes to helping people move to Australia, our highly skilled team and crew offer the highest level of service and professionalism possible.

Why use a Registered Australian Migration Agent?

Registered migration agents or Australian Immigration Specialists offer benefits that by far outweigh the hassles and stress of trying to lodge a visa application yourself. Our value-added service will, in fact, save you money. Not convinced? Click here for more reasons why a Registered Australian Migration Agent is your best choice.

Professional Advice:

Because we have a lot of experience in the Australian migration industry and a lot of insider knowledge about how to get an Australian visa as a South African, we are the best place to go for help that is both relevant and well-informed. We take care of your needs from the very beginning. We find the easiest and quickest way for your visa application to be approved by figuring out which type of visa is best for your situation. This makes sure that your application is taken care of as quickly and easily as possible.

In order to assist you in making the choice that is in your best interest and most well informed, we make it a point to be current on all of the most recent policy modifications.

Visa Application Services:

As soon as you find out that you can get a visa, we’ll be able to move forward with your plan to move. We will not only help you fill out the forms correctly and make sure that your documents have been certified, but we will also tell you what kinds of documents and proof may be needed for you to be able to submit a valid application. We can also certify your original documents for you, which will save you a lot of time and money. In the end, we will take care of submitting the visa application on your behalf and following up to make sure the best possible outcome.

Liaison with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP):

We know the twists and turns that make dealing with government departments a smooth and painless experience. So, instead of making exasperating phone calls that get you nowhere, let us do it for you and save yourself the confusion and hassle.

In addition, as your migrate to Australia specialists, we will also ensure that decisions taken by the Department of Home Affairs on your case are correct and in terms of prevailing policy and regulations.

Access to Valuable Connections:

We have key partnerships in Australia because we are Australian Migration Experts. Through these partnerships, we can connect you with experts in fields like Australian taxation, banking, real estate, and moving services. After your visa has been approved, this will give you the help you need.

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