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Why use Migrate 2 Oz to Migrate to Australia?

Migrate 2 Oz is an Australian Migration Agency consisting of registered migration agents that answer the all-important question: “Do I qualify for an Australian visa to migrate to Australia?” From there, our agents, who are experienced and specialise in Australian migration, do what they do best – guide you through the visa process and supporting you along the way to ensure that your Australian visa is accepted so that you can migrate to Australia.

We know the Australian visa system inside out – and we are perfectly positioned to advise you on the best visa options to fit your individual needs, whether you’re a skilled professional, parent, partner or business professional.

Offices in SA & OZ
Migrate 2 Oz has offices in Johannesburg and Brisbane so our support does not stop when you leave SA.
100% Success Rate
Migrate 2 Oz has a 100% success rate in obtaining permanent or temporary visas for eligible applicants.
MARA Registered Agents
Migrate 2 Oz was the first migration company with MARA registered agents resident in South Africa.
Trusted & Experienced
We have CAs and Attorneys on staff to offer additional advice.

Skilled Professionals

Looking to live and work in Australia? As a qualified professional or tradesperson with relevant work experience, you may be eligible to apply for skilled migration to Australia.

The General Skilled Australian Migration program is for people who are not sponsored by an employer (have a job offer from an Australian company). Applicants must be over 18 and under 45 years of age, with good English language ability, recent relevant skilled work experience and qualifications equivalent to Australian standard.

Business Visa

Business Owners

If you are currently a business owner or have funds you would like to invest in Australia, you may consider applying for an Australian Business and Innovation Visa.

The Business and Innovation (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 188) allows you to own and manage a business, conduct business and investment activity or undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia. Holding a subclass 188 visa will allow you to seek permanent residence at a later stage by applying for a Business and Innovation (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 888).

Family Visa


Whether you are a partner or parent looking to reunite with your loved ones in Australia – you could be eligible for an Australian immigration family visa.

The family sponsorship visa applies to anyone who:

  • is a fiancé, spouse or de facto partner, including same-sex partner of the Australian sponsor
  • has a child/children in Australia who is an Australian citizen, Ozzy permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen

Migrate to Australia with ease with Migrate 2 Oz

Migrating to Australia can be a stressful move - but it doesn’t have to be. Watch our short video which follows the story of Dave as he navigates the Australian migration process, including visa applications, working in Australia, using a registered migration agent and making the big move. Along the way, you’ll learn some helpful tips and expert advice to get your own migration journey started on the right foot.

Free Online Visa Assessment
Our free online assessment form is quick and easy for you to complete. We will provide free advice on your visa eligibility, visa options, and the next key steps.

More about Migrate 2 Oz

Migrate 2 Oz is a premier Australian migration specialist and visa advisory firm providing professional advice and services in all areas of the Australian immigration process and temporary entry to Australia.

Our highly experienced staff and personnel delivers the highest standards of service and professionalism when helping clients migrate to Australia. Our extensive experience of the migration industry and a wealth of inside knowledge on the Australia visa process makes us the best place to turn to for relevant and expert advice.

A Few Words From Happy Clients

Dear Reuven, Jessica and Monica,

Yesterday we have received the most exciting news in regards to our Australian permanent migration visa being granted. Firstly, I want to extend a massive Thank You and commendation to you guys and the rest of the Migrate 2 Oz team who had been involved in our application process.

It has been over two years since the time we had signed the initial agreement with Migrate 2 Oz to represent us during the process of obtaining permanent residency in Australia. Prior to engaging with the team at Migrate 2 Oz, I had a frank conversation with Reuven concerning our chances of obtaining a permanent-resident visa. He was direct and told me straight what needed to be done to get the necessary points to apply. I appreciate your honesty and guidance, Reuven.

Throughout the process, Jessica and Monica’s assistance, attention to detail and dedication have been of outstanding standards. You’ve responded promptly to all of our questions and provided comprehensive feedback, especially during the crucial skills assessment process.

I would recommend anyone who considers migration to Australia to utilise the services of Migrate 2 Oz. Australian migration is a process that involves getting all the steps right and is filled with intricacies that are easy to miss or neglect (for example, obtaining PASA approval). Reuven, Jessica and Monica and the rest of the team at Migrate 2 Oz sure know what they are doing.

21 November 2019
Ashley and Sean
Dear Reuven, Jessica, Monica, Devan & Team,

We would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you for all your efforts during our emigration process.

From the very first phone call, you impressed us with your professionalism. Other companies that we contacted prior to finding out about you, did not take our case seriously and failed to get back to us promptly, but everyone in your team was patient and quick at responding to our very many questions, for which we are truly grateful!

An extra challenge we had was applying for Australian visas as South Africans who are living in neither country at present, but with your clear guidance, we navigated through the complications and have now successfully been granted our visas!

We would certainly recommend your services to anyone who is interested in moving to Australia in the future.

Thanks for the life-changing work that you do!

Warm regards,
Ashley & Sean
12 November 2019