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Australia’s Top Parent Visa Options Explained

19/09/2023BY Migrate 2 Oz

Discover Parent Visa Options in Australia: Your Pathway to Quality Time with Family

In the maze of visa options in Australia, finding the right choice can be daunting. Yet, if you’re longing to spend quality time with family in Australia, the landscape becomes promising.

Unveiling the Sponsored Parent Visa (Subclass 870)

The Sponsored Parent Visa (Subclass 870) is a beacon amongst visas in Australia. Beyond facilitating an excellent choice for live and work opportunities, it paves a pathway towards permanent residency.

Introduced by the Australian government in 2019, this type of visa is tailored for parents who have visited Australia before and are keen on extended family visits. It recognises the unbreakable family bond and the necessity to spend quality time with loved ones.

Delving into the Application Process

The application process for this visitor visa mandates an endorsement from an eligible child living and working in Australia. If the child is also an eligible New Zealand citizen, the process can be streamlined. However, it’s crucial to acquaint oneself with the visa requirements to ensure a seamless journey to Australia.

Visa holders are granted periods spanning either three or five years in Australia. For those contemplating their visa options in Australia, the Subclass 870 emerges as an exemplary choice due to its flexibility and the prospect of staying in Australia for longer intervals.

Why Opt for the Sponsored Parent Visa?

While it doesn’t directly lead to permanent residency, this visa offers an invaluable extended stay. It stands as an excellent choice for parents and extended family, ensuring treasured memories and a deeper understanding of the Australian lifestyle.

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