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The Low Down from Down Under

01/03/2021BY Migrate 2 Oz

The Low Down from Down Under

“Australia is the land of milk and honey, but only if you bring your own cow and bees” has been a quote used by one of our happy clients to describe their journey of immigrating to Australia after receiving their visa grant through Migrate 2 Oz.

While each person has their own unique experience, there are facets of Australian immigration that each person experiences in the same way.

We can share some of these personal experiences with you that our clients have had in their journey of immigrating to Australia from South Africa.

This is what our happy clients have to say;

The Weather

The older you are the more difficult immigration becomes and this is not just from a migration regulation point of view! Don’t be surprised when your children adapt faster than you do.

Along with having all four seasons in one day, Melbourne is the Hay Fever capital of Australia!

While the weather is temperamental in Melbourne, Adelaide can reach temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius in one day (and definitely holiday weather all year round)! 

The lifestyle in Brisbane is slower-paced.

Australian Job Market

Now, the topic that comes to everyone’s minds (I know you were looking out for this one!) is the Australian job market. Those who have made the journey advise that even before crossing the ocean make sure to have interviews lined up. The Australian job market is quite competitive, being well prepared before you even set foot down under will set you this will serve you well especially if you have a family to look after at the same time.

Social Life

Once you’re in Australia “networking" is the word of the day! Become involved in your community, schools, and church.

This will also be ground zero for making new friends.

On the social front, being without your old friends and family will be tough. The solution here is to send them our way! We will assist them to the best of our ability so that they too may make the journey down under.

Money Matters

Let’s chat about money matters for a bit, everyone knows you need to budget well, we’re not going to repeat this to you instead we will give you the following tips;

  • New furniture is going to be costly; Gumtree is great if you don’t mind second-hand items or you may want to consider taking a container.
  • Gym fees are expensive, Australia is safe, go jogging
  • Be flexible about your destination in Australia, being in the main city is amazing, but you may save quite a bit of money by being a few kilometers out of the city center
  • If you have family in Oz, stay with them as long as you can (if its possible, all things considered) 

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