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Australia’s COVID-19 Skilled Migrant Reopening

21/08/2020BY Migrate 2 Oz

Australia: An Example of Coronavirus Management Slowly Opens Its Doors for Skilled Migrants

According to CNN, Australia has set a global example on how to handle the chaotic effects of the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Once again showing why it is the third best country to live in, Australia has flattened the curve by implementing early national lockdown efforts, with the public happily adhering to the semi-lenient lockdown rules.

As of 21 August 2020, Australia currently has a case-fatality rate of just above 1%, compared with 3% in the US, 13% for the UK, and 2% in South Africa. Beginning with restricting flights, restricting gatherings to two people, to allowing the public to leave their houses for essential shopping, medical necessities, exercise and work purposes, Australia has managed to contain the virus spread effectively.

Coronavirus numbers as of 21 August 2020

In comparison, South Africans have experienced one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, subsequently falling into economic turmoil, as well as experiencing a drop in overall population happiness. These efforts, however, have been in vain, with a significant number of cases and deaths being reported despite the fluctuating lockdown “levels”, and efforts by government to ban alcohol and cigarettes, as well as the running of certain industries (which are now falling into bankruptcy).

There has never been a better time to look into immigrating to Australia, now that the country is opening their doors (slowly) to skilled and family reunion migrants. Although still in debate regarding post-pandemic migration, discussions are being held by the acting Immigration Minister, Alan Tudge, on the cap of skilled and family reunion migrations.

Programs are available for globally skilled migrants to determine eligibility for migration. Skilled migrants in industries such as teaching, financial, trades, engineering, ICT and medical are prioritised, and candidates must have the ability to attract a salary above $149,000 a year.

Australia is known as one of the best countries to strive toward immigrating to, with their high standard of living, quality education and healthcare system. Now they are becoming an even more attractive option due to their efficacy at managing the population during the pandemic without discrediting human rights. The management of, and communication with their people has been exemplary and one that the rest of the world will do well to follow.

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