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Buying property in Australia: Keep your money safe these difficult times

25/08/2021BY Migrate2Oz

Buying property in Australia: Keep your money safe these difficult times

SAFETY, CERTAINTY, LAW & ORDER :  This is what Australian Property offers

Where in the world can you keep your money safe in difficult times like these?


With the world in turmoil and the recent events which have taken place in South Africa, surely now is the time to look for alternate strategies?

If you are looking for:

  • Excelling Property returns
  • Ways to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against change, sovereign risk, and the impacts of the changing world that surrounds you.



  • An economy that has proven its strength and stability with the recent COVID-19 outbreak
  • A structured and orderly country where things really do work



  • You CAN buy a property in Australia even if you do not live there
  • Loans can now be made available to self employed or Employees
  • You WILL be protected as a landlord with fully enforced laws

There are now New Property Types which do offer far greater returns than average

COVID-19 has created a Property Boom. One like never seen before.

There is a dire shortage of properties in all the sought-after areas. Properties are on the market for only hours or days and are sold quickly. This has led to a real estate crunch and is in the grip of a Rental crisis. Current Affairs June 2021

This has led to A New format of Property which offers far greater return than ever before with 7% to 10% returns now easily achievable.

Find out more on these mattes

  • Where are the best area for investment?
  • How much funds do you need available?
  • What are all the costs involved?
  • How you can open an Australian Bank account?
  • What protection is offered to you as a non-resident?

PR Australian Properties have been helping South African residents since 2001 and have a good understanding of the challenges you face over there.


11 Traditions Only Australians Can Understand

Australia’s British heritage and multiculturalism mean that most of their traditions are adopted from far and wide; however, there are a few customs and rituals that are purely Australian, and although they may seem ridiculous to non-Aussies, they are a part of their true blue identity.

  1. Boxing Day Test Cricket
    While Boxing Day is comparable to America’s Black Friday, many Australians choose to skip the sales altogether and instead spend the day after Christmas on the couch, stubby in hand, air-con turned up high, watching and soon after falling asleep in front of the Boxing Day Test.
  2. Small Talk with Cabbies
    If catching a taxi alone, it’s expected that you’ll not only sit up front in the passenger seat but that you’ll also engage in small talk with the cabbie. If you don’t know how the taxi driver’s day has been and have no clue how he or she found themselves in said industry by the end of the journey, then you need to reevaluate your life in Australia.
  3. Meat Pies at the Footy
    Just like baseball games and hot dogs, meat pies go hand in tomato-sauce-smeared hand with a game of footy. You’ll either love them or hate them, but there’s no denying the importance of a Four’N Twenty meat pie.
  4. Muck Up Day
    While not condoning the Choppergate prank or putting the principal’s car up for sale, muck up day is a rite of passage for all year 12 students and should be enjoyed responsibly while wearing a ridiculous costume. From parades and water guns to harmless pranks and tearful goodbyes, muck up day is a celebration that all senior year students deserve.
  5. Schoolies
    Once the school year has finished and all manner of muck up day and formal celebrations have come to an end, graduates set off to the Gold Coast for a weeklong holiday known as Schoolies. A tradition since the 1970s, Schoolies symbolises freedom and fun.
  6. Triple J Hottest 100
    If you’re at a picnic, pool party or barbeque on Australia Day and someone switches on the radio to any station but Triple J, kick them out. Millions of listeners tune in annually on Australia Day to the Triple J Hottest 100 to find out which song has been voted number one.
  7. Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
    Bunnings Warehouse is a hardware shop that sells just about everything for home renovation – in addition to sausages. Hungry on a Sunday arvo or simply looking for a cordless drill with a side of snag? Then head on down to the Bunnings Warehouse, where great sausages are just the beginning.
  8. Bare Feet at the Melbourne Cup
    Because the most prestigious horse race in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a hoard of barefoot women staggering out of Flemington Racecourse, stilettos in hand. The best part is that the local news feels the need to broadcast this unfortunate tradition year after year for the entertainment of home viewers.
  9. Maccas Run
    An evening out, no matter how sophisticated, always ends with a late-night trip to Maccas (McDonald’s) or a stop at a greasy kebab shop or sketchy-looking van. This post-party snack ritual is known as a Maccas run.
  10. Two-up
    Dating back to the convicts, Two-up was popularised by the Diggers in World War I and involves tossing two coins into the air and gambling on how they might fall. In Victoria, the game is illegal every day except on Anzac Day, while in New South Wales, the game is legal not only on Anzac Day but also other commemorative days.
  11. Christmas Seafood
    While the Northern Hemisphere enjoys roast turkey, down under, the silly season falls in summer, which means Christmas lunch or dinner is somewhat sprightlier and typically includes some form of seafood such as prawns.

Source: https://theculturetrip.com/pacific/australia/articles/11-traditions-only-australians-can-understand/

Quirky Fact About Australia

Australia has the world’s longest golf course measuring more than 850 miles long.

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